Frequently Asked Questions

Can I dress up in weird sh*t?
How big are the teams?
Here at BreakOut, size does matter, but we like ‘em small. Team sizes should be 2 to 5 players. If you are more than 5 we can still do some exceptions ;)
I like to wear six inch high heels and I also like to cover my body with precariously placed porcelain figurines, is this proper attire for a BreakOut? 
Clothing is always optional (jokes), but if you must; make it something you can move around in. Also, leave your valuables and your irreplaceable family heritage w el 5amas fosos at home :D
How many banks will I have to rob to pay for this BreakOut?
Our prices are reasonable and vary depending on the number of players of each team, you can give us a call to know it all. Also corporate groups & trips get very good discounts ;)
Is it wheel chair or pregnancy friendly?
Most of our rooms are friendly for both
Do you guys do any special events?
Wow, it sounds fun what time you guys operate? And can you send me the location?
Escape Birthday Parties, Proposals (Yes, we got people proposing in the Prison & Public Toilet), Corporate Meetings, Student Organizations & Other General Celebrations :)
Our kidnapping hours everyday from 12 Noon till 1:30 AM after midnight, On some public holidays we might have later or earlier operating hours ;)
Real Room Escape
B311, 90th St. New Cairo
Yes you can. Quite frankly, we encourage it, actually you can get more hints if you are dressed up fitting the room theme

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