Operation: Mindfall is Egypt's 1st online multiplayer virtual room escape game.  You can play it from the comfort of your home online with friends, family and co-workers.

We promise we will give you the same thrill and excitement you had in our physical rooms ;)

Game Duration: Max. 1 hours & 30 minutes.


  • Laptop/PC/Tablet

  • Internet Connection

  • 2-4 smart players (Couples can play from 1 laptop)

Game Play:

  • You will work as an undercover spy, trust your friends or not it is your call

  • You have 90 minutes to finish your mission

  • You will be able to video chat and communicate with your friends

  • You will work all together using different tools and documents

  • Surprise gifts and free coupons for high scores

Yalla, let us do it:

  1. Book your session: Call 01210529695 or message us on FB/Instagram

  2. Pay online or through our cash pickup services

  3. Enjoy 90 minutes of brain teasers and team collaboration experience

*We are not responsible for losing your temper, friends and your sanity

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