BreakOut Rooms

OPT: MindFall| عملية 
(Online Multi-Player)
You and your friends are secret agents trying to protect the world from a biological virus!
Sintral | سنترال
We know all about your dark past and sins, come and lets talk about them. New Room for the New Year 2019!
Cursed Tomb | المقبرة الفرعونية
(Discovery & Adventure)​
​You are locked up with your friends in a dark cursed tomb. From the scent to the atmosphere to the narrow tunnels it is almost a real tomb. 
Prison Cell | السجن 
ساعة واحدة علي معاد الاعدام، يا تري هتعرفوا تهربوا من الصول سميح، يا تري هتستحمل الربطة و جو السجون؟
1 Hour remaining until the execution time. Will you be able to BreakOut?
Public Toilet | الحمام العام
(Psychological Room)​
Inspired from the movie Saw, you and your friends are separated, you either calm down and help each other or maybe sacrifice. 
 Lab | المعمل
Kidnapped by a loony scientist, you may be smart, be he is smarter! مخطوف من دكتور مختل عقلياً، كل واحد يخاف علي لغاليغه
 El-Plateau| البلاتوه
(Mysterious Room)​
Don't be fooled by the cute dressing room. A famous person was reported killed/committed suicide we are not sure. But you need to find out!
 Puppets' Hell| جحيم العرائس
(Creepy Room)​
It is not that scary. It is creepy! Get kidnapped by a psycho who turns human to creepy dolls. 
Step#1 Pick a Room - Step#2 Call: 01210529695 - Step#3 Get Kidnapped!

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